TrainCaster LMS Latest Release – v5.04

The latest release (v5.04) of TrainCaster Learning Management Software includes many enhancements that you requested over the past couple of months. Below is a list of the latest changes.

As we start to work on the next release, we are looking for your input. Is there a feature or modification you’d like to see implemented? Let us know! Send your request to or contact your account rep.

What’s New in 5.04


  • Assigning multiple courses to a category is now easier and faster. The list of unassigned courses remains visible until you click away from it. Just click on a category and choose ‘Assign Course’ from the menu. Then select the courses you want to add to the category from the list.
  • Including the login url in the New User Notification message is now optional. To leave out the url just uncheck the box at the bottom of the message.

Course Manager

  • The subject of Course and Classroom reminder and overdue messages is now included as the title of the message header.

Subject line is included as the title of the email notification.

  • The format of the start of a question or answer choice when uploading quiz questions has been relaxed to allow leading white space characters.
  • Instructors are now sent an email reminder for upcoming classroom training sessions that they are leading.
  • Calendar attachment files that are included in classroom email notices now include an alarm feature to remind users of an upcoming class. The reminder will popup on schedule.
  • When course managers print course content, quiz question explanations are included on the report.
  • While trainees are waiting for manual grading, they and their contact will not receive reminder/overdue notifications. After the grade has been entered, notifications will resume.


  • The Training Progress Report can be filtered by user status and training status.
  • In all applicable reports, User Name is now listed under ‘additional user fields’ and can be included on reports. Just click the checkbox to include User Name on the final report.
  • The User Information screen now includes the user’s contact information. To access this screen, run a report (like Training Detail or Training Progress) and click on a user’s name. Detailed information for that user is displayed (User Information screen). Scroll down to see the contacts assigned to this user.
  • Saved reports now have a new date range option: Current Date to End of Year. Click the ‘Save Report Template’ button at the top of the report screen. Then select ‘Current Date to End of Year’ from the list of options.

  • The Course Information Report now includes a setup screen so you can select the fields shown on the report. Also, the report can now be filtered by one or more courses or course categories.
  • The Requirement Report now includes an optional column: Required Course Credits/Hours. This shows course credits for users who still have unfulfilled training requirements for a course. If training requirements have been fulfilled, n/a is displayed.

Bug Fixes

  • All users will now appear when re-running a saved report that was set up with specific users on the setup screen. Previously, if one of the users had been recently deleted, they were not included when re-running the saved report.
  • Now if a classroom attendee is absent or excused from a classroom task, their time won’t be added to the total time for the completion record.  (Hot fixed on Jun 29, 2011. Ran process to find and fix incorrect values.)

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