Add a Video to a TrainCaster Course

This is a quick blog post describing how to add a video clip to your TrainCaster course.

I’m including a screencast that walks you through the process. Below the screencast are text directions, for those who prefer images and descriptions.

To add a video into a course, please

  1. Edit the course by clicking Course Manager, then click the course name. Click ‘Edit Content’.
  2. Now add a new page. Click the name of an existing page and select ‘Add Page’.
  3. If the video you are uploading is in MP4, MPG, MPEG, WMV, or AVI format use the following steps to insert your video:

    Add a video to your course
    Add wmv, mp4, avi files
  4. If the video is in FLV format (Flash video), use the following steps to insert it:

    Add Flash video
    Add a Flash Video
  5. Now scroll down and click the ‘Add Page’ button.
  6. The next screen asks you to locate the video file on your computer. Click the browse button to find the file. Then click ‘Upload file’.

Your video is now available in your course!

Want to see another tutorial? Let me know!

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