TrainCaster LMS v5.05

The latest release (v5.05) of TrainCaster Learning Management Software includes many enhancements that you requested over the past couple of months. Below is a list of the latest changes.

As we start to work on the next release, we are looking for your input. Is there a feature or modification you’d like to see implemented? Let us know! Send your request to or contact your account rep.

What’s New in 5.05

Course Manager

  • When managing course sections, a new menu item ‘Set Min Time Requirements’ allows the minimum time requirements for all of the pages in the section to be updated at once.
    set requirements
  • When e-mailing classroom attendees, users who are absent or excused will no longer receive an e-mail.
  • Updated the move course page/section feature.
  • Reminders to complete a course that are sent to trainees may now also be sent to their user grouping contacts.


  • A new Assessments Setting has been added allowing user managers to complete assessments on behalf of users.Assessment Setting


  • An optional cc field has been added when e-mailing users via Reports, e-mailing classroom attendees, and when sending a broadcast message to users assigned to a course.
  • Previously, in order for a curriculum to be considered completed, a trainee had to pass all of the necessary courses in the curriculum. Now, there is an option to allow failed completion attempts to count toward curriculum completion. This (in conjunction with the ‘Unassign Users upon Completion’ setting) can be used to ensure that a user takes a course only once.
  • You can now specify the time of day that reminders and overdue notifications are sent. To take advantage of this feature, please contact your TrainCaster representative.
  • Quiz results may now be made accessible to trainees via their Course History Page.

Bug Fixes

  • N/A
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